Pure, free and in one's own way.

Raised in Voorburg, Zeeland and Hoogmade. Always outside, near water and around animals. As a kid she choose field hockey and horse riding as her sports.

Anne studied Media and Technology in Utrecht. She followed a major in Advertisement and the minor Creative Industries. After three ICT and media internships in Amsterdam she worked as a web- and software developer for Swapfiets.

Photography always has been her passion. As an entrepreneur, out of the box thinker and autodidact she never sits still and never stops learning.

A little 'wipeout' brought her to Scheveningen which changed her life 360 degrees. She started surfing, skating and taking more photos. On 20-5-2020 she decided to follow her passion. AZ works was born.

AZ works. Annie Son.

Anne wouldn't be Anne if she stood still for a second. Not much later, on 16-6-2021, she founded her beach brand in unique handmade surf ponchos, made by hand at Scheveningen. Named Annie Son Beachwear.
Annie Son Beachwear.

Usually, artists pick a stage name as their brand. Anne flips this around and goes undercover in her private life as Puck.

It wasn't too hard to choose a name for the business. AZ works covers it all. Anne Zwagers' initials, skills from A to Z and works, presenting both services and products.

The foundation of all AZ works is her photography.